Drink Electra - 105 capsules - contains some of the most nutrient dense plants found in nature providing tbe body with a full spectrum of essential nutrients including protein, iodine, bromine, iron sulphur and vitamins A,D,E,F & K.  Containing 102 minerals, this nutrient complete forula is a great multivitamin and mineral supplement to take in the morning or as a pick me up while on te move.  Drink Electra is also packed with twice more calcium than cow's milk per 100grams and also contains a healthy amount of magnesium making it an excellent dietary supplement for individuals on non-dairy diets as well as for children children that are able to sallow cpsules.

Drink Electra Sea Moss (Multi-Mineral/Vita)

  • Irish moss - (Chondrus crispus)

    Bladderwrack - (Fucus vsiculosus)

    Chaparral (Larrea tridentata)

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