Adenike Shani Walters (aka Tamara): 

I am a Master Barber Stylist, Natural & Damaged Hair specialist, Certified Sisterlock(tm) Consultant, Raw Food Chef, Reiki Master and Flower Essence Practitioner.

My Natural abilities: I am an Empath with Clairvoyance and Clairaudience capabilities.

As a child I enjoyed playing with ribbons and clips in my dolls' hair and using the grass in our yard to pretend I was combing hair (the grass was more fun because I had more "grass hair" to play with!).  As I got older I combed & styled my sisters' hair and everyone on the block that wanted theirs done as well.  

Before becoming a Natural Hair Stylist I became very ill; my body shut down, I experienced tremendous hair loss and doctors were not able to provide much hope. I decided to address my health by changing my diet, meditating and taking herbs that healed my body. Thru this experience I realized that the hair on your head--as well as your thoughts and what you put in your body--are all connected.


After becoming a Damaged Hair specialist, I was able to use my natural abilities to see the road map of my client's health in their hair. It was if I was able to read their vibration and "hear" their hair as I touched it. I realized that through my experiences, I am able to use my gifts to help others realize the connection between Health, Hair and Spirit!

Bedford Stuyvesant

Brooklyn, NY 11233


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