Our free flowing hair styles are created in one of six different ways: two strand twist, double flat twist, single twist, braids, cornrows or Interlocking.  Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on density, length or intricacy of the selected style.

Hair should be freshly shampooed/ conditioned before coming to your appointment.   For folk getting a loose hair style, your hair must also be detangled and comb thru with a medium size tooth comb, and ready to be styled.  Sisterlocks or Traditional locs, hair must be shampooed/ conditioned and ready to be maintenance upon your arrival. 


Sister locs/ Retight & Creative Style $215

Re-tightening and creative Lockstyle: $215

Creative styling - is achieved with pipe cleaners, wrap-a-loc or your own locs.

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Sis/Bro loc/Re-tighten & Style $175​

Sisterlocks(tm) or Bro-locks re-tighten and style: $175

Simple style: $25  more intricate style: $35

Sis/Bro/loc Re-Tight Only/Past Due Date $185 - $300

The service is for those who are past their due date. Please state amount of time in note area. There are two and a half rotations in a regular retightening. If I am going around the lock about 3 to 3 1/2 times then you fall within this $185.  If I'm going around the lock for 5 rotations in this service, it is at that point two re-tightenings and therefore the cost of $300. This does not apply to everyone, but depends on rate of growth for your own hair: Please stay within your re-tightening scheduled time frames to get the most optimal look for your sisterlocks.


Sis/Bro/loc Re-Tightening Only $150

Re-tightening (flat fee): $150

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Sister / Bro locs Installation (tm) $800

Sisterlocks (tm) or Brotherlocks package $800 - 1st 3 1/2" - 4" of hair

*Consultation - required.

*Locking Session

*Follow - up 1st Re-tightening

Regular re-tightening flat fee $150

Fewer locks - lesser fee. 


Two consecutive days are required. Half of the balance is due at the end of each day. This appointment should only be made after consultation. 


Creative Loc Styling $65

Intricate Creative loc styling: $65

This is done with pipe cleaners, your wrap-a-locs or your own locs. 


Interlocking Traditional or Medium locs & style $150

Interlocking and Style: $150

Simple style: $25


Interlocking Traditional or Medium locs only $125

Interlocking for traditional, or medium locks: $125


Long Distance /Reiki Hair Consultation $85

This is a video conferencing call by Zoom.

Full natural textured hair assessment - long distance, that incorporates Reiki to determine the energetic health of your hair. 


Personalized recommendations for hair products, lifestyle changes, stress management and dietary changes are offered to support healthier, stronger hair growth.

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Interlocking Traditional or Medium locs & Create Style $190

Interlocking Traditional or Medium locs and a creative style: $190

This style is achieved with ("Your own wrap-a-locs), your hair or provided pipe cleaners.

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Two Strand Twist only $90​

2 strand twist with a simple stye: $90  


Loose Hair Style $90

Loose hair blow dry & style Up-do $90

Up-do Style $115

Blow dry w/cornrows or flat twists & 2 strand twists: $115


Comb Coils Style only $85

Comb coils $85 

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Interlocking Small locs only $135

​Interlocking for started (small) traditional or braided locs: $135

If your locs are as small as sisterlocks regardless of how started please book the appointment for Sister/Bro locks re-tightening.

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Traditional Locs -Main & Style $115

​Retwist locs: $115

Traditional Loc Maintenance $90

Retwist locs: $90

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Hair Consultation or Sisterlocks Consultation $50

An assessment is made of your scalp and hair to see the health of it. We talk about the regimen you have for your hair, products that may give you a better result and the issues that may have played a part in this hair journey. 

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