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An EGHP stands unified in wellness as we restore humanity holistically in body, mind, and spirit with Nature's powerful healing elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. 


The EGHP is honored in sharing Heal Thyself techniques created and developed by Queen Afua, Master Teacher for over 50 years to the greater community.



Wellness Products

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$125/ 30 minutes    $195/ 60 minutes

  • A determined status of what client wants - How I can help you on your wellness journey - what are your wellness goals?  

  • I share with you how, as an Emerald Green Practitioner, how I offer a Holistic Wellness Lifestyle Plan to rejuvenate and detoxify the body into a vibrant lifestyle over a 21 day to 12 week Wellness journey.

  • The Client Wellness form is to be filled out and emailed back to practitioner

  • An email of The Queen Afua Wellness Technology System is sent.

  • An Holistic Energy Reading of one's Elements as well as a Body Scan using the Pendulum is done.

  • A review of the Queen Afua Wellness Technology System: The Emerald Green Holistic Lifestyle Program Manual page by page.

  • A Designed step-by step process of what clients need to do in order to accomplish their Wellness Goals.  An outline is created specifically for the client to accomplish this. Detox Kits:  (7, 14, 21 Day)

  • Close of Consultation with affirmation:

Healthy Woman


$75 each session for 4 sessions

$70 each session for 8 sessions

  • As you begin your cleanse, whether it's the 7 day, 12 day or 21 day, I will walk you through the detox.  Coaching Session prices are above.  During our weekly sessions I will answers your concerns and you will receive a free Energy Reading 10 minute Tune Up to gauge your progress.


  • During your detox there are 4 workshops that help you to achieve greater success in your cleanse:  

  • 4 Detox Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Health Care Is Self Care

  • Workshop 2: Nutrition Kitchen Live Food Prep

  • Workshop 3: Nutrition Kitchen Live Juice Therapy

  • Workshop 4: Setting Up Your Wellness Home

  • These workshops are Available via video

Polished Stones


 $25/ Virtual

This is done with a crystal pendulum -  It is an Holistic Energy Reading of your Elements as well as a Body Scan using crystal Pendulum.  Because we are living computers, we can ask the body health questions while the pendulum will answer as it sways in different directions.  The directions are predetermined by intent with set guidelines so the answers are clear to both client and practitioner.




Queen Afua, founder of the QAWC and best-selling author of Heal Thyself For Health and Longevity and The City Of Wellness: Restoring Your Health Through The Seven Kitchens Of Consciousness has laid out the Greenprint for transforming our health in 21 days. With nearly 40 years of wellness experience, Queen Afua has taken her Heal Thyself Green Living program ( clinically approved by Dr. Bernadette Sheridan, Director and Chief Physician of Grace Family Practice), across the globe, giving men and women new and alternative ways to heal themselves.


With this program, you will learn proven ways to prevent common illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, skin dis-eases and more with herbal formulas and dietary regimens. This program is the wellness work that began as Heal Thyself and continues through the teachings developed for the City of Wellness. The ongoing purpose and goal of this consultation coaching is to guide you on your journey to optimal wellness.


What is a Detox?

Detoxification is the process of getting rid of toxins. It took some time

for the body to develop tumors and other symptoms of dis-ease. It

will take time to undo the damage. Expect resistance. Once you start

cleansing ( that is living off of fruit and vegetable juices or live food)

your body will begin to detoxify, getting rid of wastes and poisons that

have been in your body for years.  Receive Your 10 Minute Tune Up which is included in the Detox. You will receive 2 calls a month from your coach to gauge your progress with this tune up.



The Heal Thyself" Products now known as Queen Afua's Wellness Formulas (also supported by Dr. Bernadette Sheridan) continue to be first quality natural products prepared to support your detox and rejuvenation efforts to transform to a holistic lifestyle for optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.