Whole Body Consultations

Adenike:  Raw Food Chef


Woven Body Raw Food Consultations help you customize your diet to integrate more alkaline raw foods into your lifestyle.  

We'll explore recipes and specific healthy choices that will

support the overall health of your body and your hair.  

Exploring Woven Body helps you to bring a wholeness and balance to Hair/Body/Spirit.


Living raw foods, are foods that are picked or unearthed from the ground. These foods are full of live enzymes and are rich in nutrients. The nutrients found in living raw foods are essentially for building a healthy body and mind and growing healthy hair.  


Living foods also help the body to thrive in an alkaline state and eliminates the presence of mucus.  Building up your immune system with raw foods in your diet helps create healthier cells that renew the body's physical, mental and emotional state. In the Live Food World, we have various fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and vegetables. We can eat complete meals- which consist of foods high in protein, carbohydrates, mineral, vitamins and enzymes. I'll help you incorporate these foods in abundance and high quality- in a way that fits your lifestyle and taste preferences!


Working together,  you will experience hair growth, clear skin, a healthy colon, more energy, zest for life and just an overall feeling of well being. Let's get started!

1 hour / $50