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   Appointments @ 10am & 3pm ONLY

With The Woven Wool service, we use your free flowing hair or locs to style natural, coily, kinky hair and teach you how to care for your crown.  

Wearing your own natural hair allows you the freedom to express yourself the way you showed up in this life.   

Woven Spirit - READINGS

(video conferencing call) 

This service is given from a Claircognizant spiritual ability.  I see into your spiritual avenues to give you what I know, hear and see.  These readings are in depth and tell you where you are in your vibrational field en-route in life. What to do to harness the moving forward and how you show up.

Woven Body - Food

(video conferencing call)

Ingesting healthy food, reflects in the health of the body, and therefore that nourishment affects our hair as well.  Your hair grows from your head and is nourished from within.   Exploring Woven Body helps you to bring a wholeness and balance to Hair/Body/Spirit.

Woven Spirit - Mentorship

  Tea Time


(video conferencing call) 

I come with the spiritual ability and experiential knowledge to help you to move to the next level of inward growth in your life.

I will help you to see the answers that lay within and steps to take that will speak loudly to your path.  What's going good on your journey, and how may I be of help. 

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences is a liquid extract taken orally or topically that works with the subtle bodies. These Essence address issues vibrationally on a mental, physical and emotional level and therefore have no medical or medicinal contraindications.

 Reiki (Long distance)

(video conferencing call) 

Reiki is a vibrational system of natural healing that utilizes universal life force energy.  Woven Spirit provides a vibrational awakening that's tailored just for you; Reiki facilitates that process.  It is also an effective tool for stress reduction, relaxing the physical body, and promotes healing & clarity of body/mind/spirit. 

Adenike Shani Walters (aka Tamara): 

I am a Master Barber Stylist, Natural & Damaged Hair specialist, Certified Sisterlock(tm) Consultant, Raw Food Chef, Reiki Master and Flower Essence Practitioner.

My Natural abilities: I am an Empath with Clairvoyance and Clairaudience capabilities.

As a child I enjoyed playing with ribbons and clips in my dolls' hair and using the grass in our yard to pretend I was combing hair (the grass was more fun because I had more "grass hair" to play with!).  As I got older I combed & styled my sisters' hair and everyone on the block that wanted theirs done as well.  

Before becoming a Natural Hair Stylist I became very ill; my body shut down, I experienced tremendous hair loss and doctors were not able to provide much hope. I decided to address my health by changing my diet, meditating and taking herbs that healed my body. Thru this experience I realized that the hair on your head--as well as your thoughts and what you put in your body--are all connected.


After becoming a Damaged Hair specialist, I was able to use my natural abilities to see the road map of my client's health in their hair. It was if I was able to read their vibration and "hear" their hair as I touched it. I realized that through my experiences, I am able to use my gifts to help others realize the connection between Health, Hair and Spirit!


Bedford Stuyvesant

Brooklyn, NY 11233


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